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The best choice for your need, installations, repairs and more.
Meet the handyman expert in plumbing and drain installation that will help you in your residence and business. I’m Julian handyman, I have over 22 years of experience, serving all of New Jersey. I pride myself in working with passion and responsibility any handyman service my customers need.
Call me at (201) 494-3021, I will give you your free estimate and fair prices.

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Quality service from start to finish.

What We Do

Julian Handyman

In these 22 years that we have been serving New Jersey residences and businesses I have learned that when it comes to plumbing, a bad installation becomes a big headache for my customers, that’s why when you hire my handyman services I guarantee quality and durability. guaranteeing a professional service.

We are confident that you will love our results.


To provide miscellaneous installation and repair services in residences and businesses in New Jersey City, working with excellent quality products and giving warranty on all assigned jobs, with the assurance that our technicians are responsible and committed.


To provide excellent service to customers requiring residential and commercial installations and repairs in New Jersey, guaranteeing professionalism and quality in any project.


Quality, durability, responsibility and commitment.

Our Services


Stove installation

The best way to guarantee the desired taste and hygiene of a meal is cooking on your own stove. That is why having a well-maintained stove at home becomes a priority for a residence. In Julian Handyman we are experts in installation of stoves, gas or induction, do not be left a day without a stove, call us and we will gladly attend your emergency, we do installations, maintenance and repairs.


Water pipe installation

Need a new water pipe line? Call today at (201) 494-3021, Julian Handyman will come to your home to supply that space where you need water to reach. No matter where you need to bring water, just let us know, our expert technicians will take care of everything, pipes, valves, faucets and more.
We guarantee that the water pipe will be well installed and tested.


Toilet installation

Have you recently noticed clogs and overflows in your toilet?
If this is your case, do not hesitate to contact us. When a toilet starts to give problems, it is necessary that a specialized technician comes to make an inspection to make the necessary repairs or suggest the replacement of this sanitary appliance.

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